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Más de 25 años nilsson tratamientos de agua en Zaragoza. Piscinas, aguas residuales, tratamiento de legionella, consultoría, formación...
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Working Areas

Working Areas

Refrigeration systems

  • Treatments that protect against:
    • Incrustation.
    • Corrosion.
    • Biological growth.
  • Circuit cleaning and exchangers.
  • We also comply the normative RD865/2003 regarding registration and required maintenances.  So, the maintenance expenses are reduced.

Nilsson - Torre refrigeración 001

Steam boilers

Nilsson - Caldera Vapor 001

  • Complete treatments to protect the whole system:
    • Food tanks.
    • Boilers.
    • Steam line and and condensates.
  • Conventional treatments:
    • Oxygen sequestrants.
    • Neutralizing amines and antifouling.
  • Treatments based on filmant amines.
  • Food industry analysis. According to FDA.
  • All-in-one treatments to simplify dosage and control.

Legionella treatment

In Nilsson Water Treatments, we take over the management, the maintenance and the check of every risky area in your installations, as well as aerobic and legionella analysis.

  • Cooling towers, evaporative condensers, spas, irrigation, anti-fire circuits, sanitary water…
  • Approved biocides, antifouling-antioxidants, dispersants and biodispersants.

Ask for your budget
Nilsson - Legionella 007

Drinking water

  • Building and maintenace of ETAP water treatment plant (RD140/2003).
  • Legionella preventive treatment (RD865/2003).
  • Corrosion and incrustation inhibitors according to FDA.

Reverse osmosis / Desalination

  • Building and maintenance of reverse osmosis plants.
  • Desalination plants.


Complete treatment for swimming pools and spas:

  • Desinfectants.
  • Algaecides.
  • Flocculants.
  • pH regulators.
  • Analysis due to RD742/2013.

Water Treatment Equipment

  • Water softeners.
  • Demineralizers.
  • Control equipments.
  • Nanofiltration.
  • Ultrafiltration.
  • Dispenser equipment.
  • Chlorinator panels.
  • Deferrizers.
  • Denitrifiers.

Nilsson - Equipos de tratamiento de aguas 001

Sewage water (WWTP)

Nilsson - Depuradora 002

  • Design, manufacture and use of a WWTP.
  • Depuration and ultrafiltration MBR.
  • Whole range of flocculants, coagulants and additives.
  • Reduction of operating costs: muds and associated products.
  • Absorption agents for COD, BOD, hydrocarbons y coloring agents…
  • Antifoams and emulsion separators (water-oils).

Accredited Treatment Systems

Accredited Treatment Systems

Water treatment and analysis

Our company is prepared for the analysis of:

  • Water for human and animal consumption.
  • Untreated wates (such as river, lakes, wells…).
  • Foods.
  • Treated water for human use (such as swimming pools, spas, towers, boilers…).
  • Legionella analysis.
  • Sewage water.

Test laboratory accredited by ENAC nº1191/LE2285.
Check parameters in

Nilsson - Sello ENAC LE2285



In addition to this, we impart practical, updated and specific training destined to water professionals.


Moreover, we offer the possibility to develop custom courses for any kind of water-based company, designing a temary and a program according the company needs.


We are ready to impart the courses in both our installations or our clients’. It is possible for us to move to any place in Spain.


  • Water handler.
  • Boilers operator.
  • Irrigation maintenance course for preventing legionella.
  • Osmosis / Desalination.
  • Swimming pool maintenace.


Companies can benefit from the financing of “Fundación Tripartita”. Thanks to that, the cost of the courses can be zero. Please, check the situation of your compay.


We are accredited by DGA to impart training courses. In addition to this, our professional teachers own the required certification to impart these courses. (check CERTIFICATES).


In every course, we hand the necessary material.

Consulting and Advice

Consulting and Advice

Nilsson Water Treatment offers a consulting and tecnical audit department to help in any environmental, sanitary or legal matter.

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